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Extreme Nature floors start with the perfect wood. And with three to choose from, you'll find something for every look. 3 TEXTURES
Go as bold or traditional as you want with 3 unique textures.

  • HICKORY has high grain variations and a traditional-to-rustic look.
  • MAPLE floors have a subtle grain and texture, with rich colors for an elegant look.
  • WALNUT features a refined, tight grain and rich warm colors which give it a sophisticated look.
  • WIRE BRUSHED: Make a statement with wire-brushed boards. The intricate process enhances natural grain, shows off lots of texture and gives each board a unique look.
  • HEAVY SCRAPED: Get a causal, lived-in look with this refined scrape, rustic texture and aged appearance.
  • DISTRESSED: Distressed hardwood brings a weathered, rustic look into your home. The time-worn look and less-than-perfect design only gains character with wear.

Trend Alert: Extreme Nature
Shaw's Color, Style, and Design team is always looking ahead to determine the great trends heading our way. Extreme Nature is one of these trends and a design idea.  

Longer and Wider Planks
Extreme Nature is the longest and widest engineered hardwood available that's made in the USA. Available in 3 species and textures that emulate the unique complexity of an authentic timeworn surface.

Floors this cutting edge don't happen by accident. They happen from testing. Lots and lots of testing.

  • STABILITEK CORE: Go ahead, walk all over these floors—they can take it. Because EPIC Plus hardwood is built with Stabilitek, our proprietary core platform designed for high performance and lasting durability.
  • SCUFRESISTTM PLATINUM: After lots of back and forth (literally—we scour them hundreds of times), our tests show EPIC Plus with ScufResist Platinum stands up to scuffs 6x better than our competitors.
  • IMPACT & DENT TESTED: There’s no tiptoeing around it—under pressure tests, our Stabilitek core resists denting up to 30% more than other engineered-hardwood products.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: A strong tongue-and-groove system makes installation quick and easy, plus it provides superior joint integrity so your boards stay in place no matter how many game nights they host.